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Bliven, Mead & Co. - Illustrated Catalog of Hardware, 1864


We have the pleasure of presenting our Illustrated Catalogue and Price List of Hardware.

When we commenced this work, we purposed to print all the established list prices, but the depreciation of paper money, and other well known causes arising from the rebellion, so disturbed prices, that we were obliged to omit some lists and generally the prices; and those we do quote are not binding on us.

The work was designed for the use of our patrons and friends as a Price Book, and for this purpose the Index will be found very full, and, by the repetition of articles, convenient for ready reference.

Our large interests in the Hart Manufacturing Company, Continental Screw Go., and other well-known manufactories of Hardware, and the long experience of our senior partners (thirty-one years) exclusively in the Hardware business, give us the confidence to ask your patronage, with the assurance that it will be for your interest to do business with us.

We pay particular attention to letter orders, and adhere to the rule adopted by us at the commencement of our business, continuing to do as well by our customers on such orders as if they were here in person.

This will enable dealers to order goods in small quantities, to be sent by railroad, thus replenishing their stock as needed for their sales, and dividing and making their payments easy.

The saving of insurance, interest and loss by depreciation in value of over stocks has been found by many of our customers to be sufficient to pay the deliverance between railroad and canal freights.

On the receipt of letter orders, our rule will be to fill immediately as far as possible from our stock, and the balance of the order unless countermanded as soon as the articles come to hand and (unless modified after the war) at the prices ruling at the time of shipment.


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