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  A Treatise on Belts and Pulleys by Howard Cromwell, 1888    

In the manufacture of modern machinery, which in the great majority of cases embodies a vast deal of careful study and precise calculation, there is probably no one element which enters as largely into the calculations and forms as important a part in the daily operations in the machine-shop as the endless belt for the transmission of power.

The lathe, the drill, the planer, the shaping machine - in short, almost without exception, all machine-tools - are commonly driven from the shop-shaft by means of belts and pulleys.

We can scarcely glance into a shop or factory of any description without encountering a mass of belts which seem at first sight to monopolize every nook in the building and leave little or no room for anything else.

Notwithstanding the countless thousands of belts for transmission in use and constantly being replaced in the shops and factories of America.


Notwithstanding the fact that many thousands of dollars are consumed every year by the rapid wear and destruction of our machine-belts, and the immense field thereby opened for the practical study and application of the principles of economy in this connection.

There is no branch of machine-construction which is to-day in as crude and unsatisfactory a state of development as this all-important transmission by belt and pulley.

Strange as it may seem, it is nevertheless true, that there is scarcely a machine-shop in America which can definitely and correctly calculate the proper width of a leather belt which will safely transmit a given horsepower. Nor are the manufactures of machine-belting in any degree in advance of the shops, for I have never yet seen the manufacturer who has any better solution for this apparently simple problem than his own "judgment."

Having taken the pains to write to a large number of the best-known machine shops and belt-manufacturers throughout the country, asking for information concerning belting, and in every case having received an answer to the communication, I am compelled to assert that among all the letters received not a single one contained any definite information on the subject.

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