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1890 - Builders' Hardware by Clarence H. Blackall


The subject of Builders' Hardware is one which has a direct bearing upon the work of the architect, and is, at the same time, of vital interest to the builder.

This book is, however, written primarily for the architect. Most builders, we fancy, are already pretty well posted on the subject of the hardware which they are called upon to use in the construction and finish of a house; but our experience has led us to believe that architects, as a rule, seldom go any deeper into the subject than is necessary to decide whether knobs shall be of one material or another, or whether some particular pattern of sash will be satisfactory to the owner.

It is needless to say that a more extended acquaintance with the subject would do no one any harm, and might even be conducive to much good, if only in the way of providing more fittingly for the needs of the client.

This work is not intended, however, to be overcritical in its nature, nor necessarily so exhaustive as to embrace all the inventions and arrangements comprised in the general term of builders' hardware, though an attempt has been made to discriminate between what is merely novel and what is really suitable, and so far as possible the best of everything is noticed under the various heads, and an effort made to represent as nearly as possible the conditions and limitations of the builders' hardware market, as well as to show what is valuable for the uses of the architect.

It must be remembered that the statements are made from an architect's standpoint rather than from that of the builder or the manufacturer.

The object in view is to show what can be obtained for special cases, and how it is necessary to be specified in order that there shall be no doubt in the minds of both builder and client as to what is called for.

It is not intended to present abstracts of trade-catalogues, and if the book fails to represent all the wares in their proper light, or at times seems to ignore some valuable inventions or place undue stress upon articles that do not receive the heartiest commendation from those who use them, we can only plead in extenuation the difficulty of finding out everything that is in the market.

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