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  Price List of Breast Drills, Braces... - Harry S. Bartholomew, 1891    

We have one original catalog published by Harry S. Bartholomew.  The exact date of this publication is not known.  However, there is a hint in the content that suggests the publication date to be 1891 or close to it.

The first tool shown in the catalog is The Bartholomew Ball Brace with a following description:

"Invented by the present maker about thirty years ago, has displaced all other Braces in America.  The mode of manufacture has been universally adopted for all kinds of Braces.  The bow shaped rod is steel, finished bright, with bit holding parts of good malleable iron.  The breast block and revolving handle are of light, nicely finished, wood.

  • No. 25, 8 1/2 inch sweep, Screw, Ball Brace
  • No. 27, 8 1/2 inch sweep, Screw, Heavy Ball Brace
  • No. 30, 10 inch sweep, Screw, Heavy Ball Brace

Patented May 21, 1861."

The Bartholomew Ball Brace

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