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  Acme Folding Chair Company - C. D. Schermerhorn, 1896



In presenting our Spring Catalogue for 1896, we feel sure its pages will be of interest to all purchasers of Folding Chairs.

We show in this catalogue one of the most complete lines, in this class of goods, shown by any firm in the United States.

We were first to introduce, in the perfect slat for camp-chair seating, a seat which at once recommended itself to all who use chairs that are sometimes exposed to moisture.

In this catalogue we show you, for the first time, an improved way of putting on carpet or plush seats, to avoid the use of gimp or nails on the seat surface, and, at the same time, have so constructed the seat that the material used cannot possibly loosen or sag.

With our extensive experience in this line of work, and our unequaled facilities in the way of new and expensive machinery, specially adapted to our purpose, we are able to produce Folding Chairs for Halls, Churches, Societies, and Undertakers' uses, of a superior quality and finish, and at prices as low as corresponding grades can possibly be offered.

We do not aim to manufacture the cheapest chair on earth, but we do propose to give to our customers the best values for their investment, quality being considered.

Respectfully, ACME Chair Company





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