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E. W. Bliss CO. Catalog and Price List - 1900


In placing our catalogue of 1900 in the hands of our customers, we call attention to the fact that we can illustrate only a limited number of the many machines regularly built by us, just to indicate their general appearance.

For many years it has been the constant aim of this company to devise and build improved machines for the manufacture of sheet metal goods. Time and money have been freely expended in the effort to produce the most perfect sheet metal working machinery, and that a most gratifying success has been achieved is attested by the appreciation and support of a host of manufacturers, not only in the United States, but in nearly every civilized country on the globe.

We have just been awarded the "GRAND PRIX" at the Paris Exposition of 1900 (the highest award made to any exhibitor) for the very high grade of our productions, which for perfection of workmanship and for ingenious labor-saving automatic devices have for many years maintained a leading position.

The policy which in the past has resulted in making the name " Bliss " on a machine or tool stand for the highest degree of excellence, will in the future be fully maintained. The standard patterns of machines built by the Stiles & Parker Press Co. (whose business was established in 1857, bought by us in 1890 and consolidated with our own) have a world-wide reputation for excellence, and, with many recent improvements, are offered as machines unequaled for the special lines of work for which they are intended.

We are thus in position to offer our customers the combined patterns, facilities and experience of the two oldest, largest and most progressive establishments in this line.

The special mixture of American cast iron which we employ is 85 to 50 per cent stronger than the machinery iron obtainable in Europe, and therefore lends itself to forms which it would there be impracticable to reproduce.

During the past year we have extended our machine shops by the addition of about 50,000 square feet of floor space, and have equipped same with electric elevators, electric traveling cranes and a large number of new machine tools of the most approved patterns. Our forging department has been considerably enlarged to meet the constantly increasing demands made upon it. We have also added to our foundry department a new building covering about 26,000 square feet of ground space, and installed therein electric traveling cranes, elevators and other modern appliances for making a superior quality of heavy castings of green sand, dry sand and loam for all purposes.

We assure our customers that we shall do our utmost to merit the same confidence in the future which they have so freely bestowed upon us in the past, and that their inquiries and orders will have our most careful and prompt attention.

The Stiles & Parker Press Co.

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