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The Barlow Hardware Co. Price List - Corry, PA - 1909


Iron and Steel, Wagon and Carriage Hardware, Woodstock and Carriage Trimmings, Blacksmith's Tools, Mill and Lumbermen's Supplies


We solicit comparison of our prices with those of other houses from whom you have been buying and we feel very confident that you will find it much to your interest to, at least, try us with a sample order.

Our Goods are standard, same as are handled by other houses in the same line as ourselves. They are not inferior quality as some may try to make you believe.

We are heavy buyers, pay spot cash for everything and are willing to sell them to you at a fair margin of profit.

A successful business career of over twenty years' duration, is, we think, an earnest recommend of our commercial standing.

To those who have been in the habit of dealing with us, we extend our thanks, and solicit from them a continuance of their patronage, while those who have not as yet bought from us, we ask for a trial order.

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