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  1910 - The Defiance Machine Works - Catalog No. 200    


In presenting this, our Illustrated Catalogue No. 200, to our friends and the users of Wood-Working Machinery, we are able and pleased to say that all the machines shown in this volume are of our own manufacture, and constructed from accurate drawings and standard templates.  The reputation of our tools for exactness, convenience, elegance, and adaptation to the end sought is the result of a well defined and persevering course, dictated as well by good policy as by sentiments of fair dealing.

Every opportunity for improvement has been accepted, and no device that could add to the usefulness of the tools has been neglected. We guarantee our machines to be superior in laborsaving to any others in the market, and, when equaled by any other make, we at once improve them. The engravings show the machines as constructed at this time. Improvements will be added from time to time.

All the machines shown herein are of sufficient weight to secure strength and durability without clumsiness; they are simple in design, convenient in arrangement of parts, and the parts are all accurately fitted, all racks and gears are strong and well cut, the best form of tooth being employed, with all sliding surfaces scraped to bearing, with boxes lined with genuine babbitt metal or bronze.

Each machine is illustrated and described in detail on the following pages, with information regarding their construction and product; with the aid of this Catalogue parties desiring to purchase Wood-Working Machinery can select intelligibly sets or single machines for use in almost any branch of wood production.  In manufacturing we have spared no expense to increase our facilities, and in designing, improving, and constructing the best methods are adopted, standard sizes being maintained, and the balancing of rotating parts by a special patented machine of our own invention has given the Defiance machines a wide reputation for accuracy of balance to their running parts.

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