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  Geo. B. Carpenter & Co. General Supplies and Equipment Catalog, 1917    

To the Trade

We have just completed the seventy-sixth year of continuous and successful activity or "The Old Carpenter Shop." We are well aware that mere age counts for little unless the experience gained and strength acquired make for better service and greater usefulness. 

These are days of high speed, high tension and great responsibilities. Wide-awake new methods are necessary to meet the demands of modern business. We are keeping step in the procession right behind the band. Ours is a class of goods in which Quality and Service are primary considerations. We are confident that where life and property are at stake the surest economy lies in using the highest grade of goods obtainable, backed up by a house of record and standing.

For the convenience of our customers we shall issue from time to time a general discount guides applying to this catalogue. Owing to the constant fluctuations in a large proportion of our staple lines the quotations named herein are subject to change without notice.

When you are in Chicago we invite you to call and give us an opportunity to show you over our new plant. Built up by seventy-five years of constant painstaking service in the wonderful city which had, when we began business, less than five thousand inhabitants, and is now the Great Central Market of the United States.

Yours respectfully,
Geo B. Carpenter
Chicago, January 1, 1917

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