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  The Cleveland Twist Drill Co., Catalog No. 39 - Cleveland, Ohio. 1919    

We hope you will find this volume a convenient handbook of "Cleveland" tools, and a ready guide not only to the tools themselves, but also to their best and most economical use.

Because we are a trifle proud of our product - and we hope with reason - and because we have confidence in its performance, it will be sincerely appreciated, should a "Cleveland" tool show defect, if you will return this tool to us for examination. Cheerful and equitable adjustment on any faulty tools will be made immediately.

We want our friends to feel, when they buy a "Cleveland" tool that they are purchasing - not merely a tool - but a satisfactory number of drilled or reamed holes. Anything short of satisfaction on your part becomes an obligation on our part.

All our regular tools are shown - together with some special tools. But for the sake of brevity, we have omitted a few "specials," although we will be glad to furnish these as in the past.

We want you to feel free to make full use of our unusual facilities for the speedy and accurate production of your special requirements - either in quantities or singly.

In such cases we will appreciate a sample of the tool itself or a detailed drawing, in order to insure an accurate understanding of your wishes.

We would like to become better acquainted with you, and we would like to have you become better acquainted with us. We hope you will accept this volume as an invitation to call upon us whenever we can be of service in any way whatsoever.

The Cleveland Twist Drill Company
Cleveland, Ohio, 1919


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