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  American Swiss Files Catalog - 1920



Tariff Revision Compels Price Revision - Our New Price List

In presenting this New List, which abolishes excessive prices and enormous discounts, we look for the hearty approbation and support of our patrons, as it embodies a square deal all around.

Guarantee of Quality

Our Guarantee of Quality is upheld because we do not make Files for a price, but make the best files we can make by the best equipment and workmanship obtainable, and fix our selling price according to our own cost of production, regardless of prices made by the makers of other files.

Files not up to standard in any respect are subject to return at our expense, if the fault found is pointed out to us, as a means of keeping our inspecting department wide awake.

Prompt Delivery

Prompt Delivery is made because we carry a large and complete stock of all shapes, sizes and cuts specified in this Catalogue, and our system is such that the files sold are promptly replaced by our factory. This applies to all cuts except No. 8, which, being rarely called for, is made when ordered.

Samples for Trial

Samples for Trial are sent to responsible users, free of charge, express paid, because they are our best salesmen. We will send any six files selected from this Catalogue, or match any samples of used files sent us, only asking that the user will kindly report the result of the trial.

Mill and Saw Files

Our Mill and Saw Files are not of "Swiss" in pattern, but bear our trade mark, and have been added to our line because of insistent demand for a superior quality of that kind of files.


Files differing in any respect from those listed and carried in stock are "Specials," on which we will be pleased to estimate on receipt of correct specifications, samples or drawings.






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