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  American Swiss Pattern Files of Precision catalog - 1941



Before Mr. Edward P. Reichhelm demonstrated that precision files could be made in this country at least as well as abroad, it had been assumed that Swiss made files were superior because they were made by hand, thereby permitting the pressure or force used in cutting the teeth to follow the variations in hardness which were considered to be unavoidable at different parts of each file.

However, the industrial gas furnace developed by Mr. Reichhelm now permitted the correct degree of hardness to be maintained uniform throughout the length of every file heat-treated in this type of furnace. By assuring this prime requisite, it became possible to apply American machines and American production methods to the remaining steps in the manufacture of Swiss-pattern files.

A machine-made product could now be made in America with a quality at least the equal of or better than that of the imported Swiss-pattern files.

Other factors have also contributed to the success of "American Swiss" Swiss-Pattern Files. These files have always been made of the finest obtainable file steel- not ordinary tool steel. The workmen engaged in the manufacture of these precision files are specially trained and long experienced, many of them having been engaged in their tasks for a quarter of a century and over. Every operation is performed with precision equipment, set to close tolerances whether temperature in the case of forging, annealing and hardening operations, or accuracy of size and cut in the case of machining operations.

And finally, no "seconds" or "ordinary run" "American Swiss" Files are ever placed on the market. A rigid inspection system weeds out every imperfect file, and such files are immediately ruined in an acid bath and scrapped.

As the largest manufacturer specializing exclusively in American-made Swiss-pattern files, this concern has developed an organization with exceptional manufacturing facilities and with a single standard of care and precision for every manufacturing process. This standard is most fully expressed by the Company's motto "Only the best is good enough."

The fact that the Company does not engage in the manufacture of any commercial grades of files is indicative of its firm stand against compromising with quality.




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