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  E. C. Atkins & Co. - Saw and Saw Tools Catalog, 1894    

Indianapolis, Ind.


We present you with a copy of revised edition of our "Saws and Saw Tools," which has become so popular with Lumbermen, Sawyers and Saw Makers.

This list supersedes all previous lists. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Our effort to make the best quality of goods has appreciated by the consumers, our fine saws having become popular, resulting in a largely increased demand for our goods. We shall maintain the high standard of excellence attained by us in the production of Saws can be assured that the name “ATKINS” upon the blade is evidence of its being made from fine selected steel and superior workmanship.


The suggestions to Sawyers and Saw Makers in the use and care of Circular and Band Saws will be found to be practical and of value.

Our largely increased business has made it necessary for us to establish branch houses at Memphis, Tennessee, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Chattanooga, Tennessee, to accommodate our customers at these points.

With each branch we have a Repair Department fully equipped with improved appliances and tools. Repairs sent to our Branch Houses will be skillfully and promptly done by expert workmen.

We shall be pleased to receive your favors, which shall have our careful attention.

Yours respectfully,
E. C. Atkins & Co.

This catalog was downloaded from a former website. Since the shutdown of this site, I posted several catalogs and documents recovered from the


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