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  Saws - Hardware Edition catalog - E. C. Atkins & Co., Inc., 1906    

E. C. Atkins & Co., Inc.
Sheffield Saw Works
Indianapolis, IN, January 1, 1906

To the Trade:

We have the pleasure to submit herewith our Illustrated Catalogue, containing the complete line of saws, tools and specialties of our manufacture, with revised price lists, which supersede all previous lists.

We have made no radical changes in our general line, but have added quite a number of specialties to our list and invite your careful examination of the following pages wherein you will find comprehensive illustrations and descriptions of our complete production of Saws, Saw Tools and Specialties embracing the finest quality and most salable goods of the kind on the market.

The extensive additions and improvements which we have made in our plant during the past year have greatly increased our capacity in every department, and we are now in better shape than ever to execute all orders promptly and satisfactorily.


We shall continue to maintain the high standard of excellence which has characterized our Saws in the past and the trade may safely recommend them, secure in the knowledge that our guarantee is their protection.

The Atkins Trade Mark on a saw is assurance of its superior quality and absolute reliability.

To accommodate our friends in their respective territories we maintain branches at Memphis, Tenn., Atlanta, Ga., Minneapolis, Minn., Portland, Ore., San Francisco, Cal., Seattle Wash., and New Orleans, La., where we operate complete repair shops. Orders for repair work sent to any of these branches will have as careful attention as though sent to the factory. We also have sales branches with complete stocks at New York City, Chicago, Ill., and also at Toronto, Canada.

Respectfully soliciting a continuance of your past favors' we remain,

Yours truly,
E. C. Atkins & Co., Inc.

The catalog presented here was made available by Mark Stansbury.

Mark designed and maintains several websites dedicated to hand tools of 19th century. Here are a few links that will take you to his sites:

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