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  Saws, Saw Tools, Mill Specialties Catalog No. 18 - E. C. Atkins & Co., Inc., 1919    

E. C. Atkins & Co., Inc.
Indianapolis, IN

The Atkins Family has been making saws for about three hundred years.

During this period, from one generation to another, they have actually followed the growth of the saw from its most primitive type to its present state of development.

They have been students; they are a family of inventors; to them the world is largely indebted for the innovations that have taken place in the Saw World; the commonplace has never satisfied their ambitions - the slogan has ever been "Atkins Always Ahead."

This means more than a mere catch phrase. It means that the policy of the Atkins firmly has been to maintain the highest standard in all things pertaining to the making of the very finest Saws.


It means that cost of manufacture is not to be considered where it will add one whit to the result-giving qualities of the product.

So that it is with feelings of extreme pride that we present to the world this, the latest word in Saw Making.

Just as we believe this to be the finest and most comprehensive book that has ever been published on this subject, so we believe the various items shown herein represent the highest development in their different lines.

It is strictly upon the ground of superior quality that we respectfully solicit the patronage of all lovers of fine Saws and Tools.

Respectfully soliciting a continuance of your past favors' we remain,

Yours truly,
E. C. Atkins & Co., Inc.

The catalog presented here was made available by Mark Stansbury.

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Atkins Saws


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