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  Atkins Silver Steel Saws - Saw Sense - E. C. Atkins & Co., Inc., ca. 1930    

THE SAW - The Most Important Tool in the Carpenter’s Kit

In order to do the best work with the least exertion, your saw must be made of the proper material and scientifically constructed.

Atkins Silver Steel Saws have marked an epoch in the history of the saw. They are not only made of the very best material, but are constructed on new, exclusive scientific principles which are instantly appreciated by the buyer of the tools.


SILVER STEEL is the invention of Mr. E. C. Atkins, the founder of E. C. ATKINS & CO. He was the first manufacturer of saws to realize that high-class mechanics would appreciate the greatest value and finest quality. SILVER STEEL was born of this idea.

It is manufactured under a special formula for E. C. ATKINS & CO. (exclusively). Nothing but virgin ore is used, combined with the finest and most expensive ingredients, and the result is a steel of as high quality as the finest RAZOR STEEL. No saw is a genuine SILVER STEEL SAW unless the name SILVER STEEL is plainly etched on the blade.


ALL ATKINS SILVER STEEL SAWS are tempered by gas. The degree of temper to be given to each blade is prescribed by the chemist in the laboratory and, regulated in the tempering room by mechanical devices which insure absolute uniformity.

They are not dependent upon the judgment of any one man, nor subjected to the variation which might occur by the old-fashioned "rule of the thumb."

The use of this heat treatment renders the blade uniformly tough and hard without being brittle, and prevents hard and soft spots which sometimes occur in blades of inferior and cheaper manufacture.

The saw cuts and wears evenly throughout the entire blade. This is one of the reasons why a SILVER STEEL SAW will retain its cutting edge longer than any other. This also enables you to file the saw easier, and to make each tooth uniform.

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