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  Blue Grass Tools, Belknap Inc., Catalog, 1985    

(and one great one)

  1. QUALITY - Blue Grass tools are made from the finest materials
    available, in the best factories in the country, by the most skilled
    mechanics around.

  2. VARIETY - The Blue Grass tool line is the most complete and varied line In the industry, Who else offers you a selection of 81 different hammers? Not to mention any other tools you might need.

  3. PROFIT - Blue Grass tools are very competitively priced. No other factory brand offers comparable tools at a better price.

  4. GUARANTEE - Belknap. Inc. stands behind every Blue Grass tool. Each tool is inspected and tested before we accept it in our stock, so you know you'll never get a defective tool. If by chance you do, we'll replace it free.

  5. 5.REPUTATION - The reputation of Belknap, Inc., build up over 140
    years of constant growth and honorable service, stands behind every
    Blue Grass tool.

And, now for the great reason .... The customer is always satisfied.

This catalog has been downloaded from a former website. Since the shutdown of this site, I posted several catalogs and documents recovered from the




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