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  Disston Saws - Illustrated Catalogue of Carpenter's Tools - J. B. Shannon, 1873.    

The J. B. Shannon business was founded in 1846 by J. B. Shannon, and in 1873 he admitted his four sons to an interest in the business.

In 1876 J. Jacob Shannon left the old house and started in business for himself, and in 1908 the company was incorporated under the name of J. B. Shannon Hardware Company.  Their last location was at the 816 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA.

In 1916 the old establishment was liquidated by the family.


We have the pleasure of presenting to you a large Illustrated Catalogue and Price List of Carpenter's Tools.

The recent extensive enlargement of our Store has enable us to greatly increase the variety and quality of our stock.

The Tools quoted in this catalogue are of the very best makes, consisting of Disstonís Celebrated Saws, Veit's hand-made Planes, Bailey's Patent Adjustable Planes, Butcher and Grave's Chisels and Plane Irons, Pugh's Boring Tools, Beatty's Hatchets, Barber's and Spofford's Braces taking any size bit without fitting.

All goods except by arrangement will be send by express. Collect on delivery, otherwise the money must accompany the order.

Endeavoring always to keep the price low and quality good, A continuance of your favors respectfully solicited.

J. B. Shannon
Philadelphia, 1873.

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Disston Backsaws


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