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  Hand-Book for Lumbermen by Henry Disston & Sons, 1874    


The following pages have been compiled with a view to prevent, as far as possible, the constant annoyance of the Saw-Maker by the apparent want of knowledge on the part of many persons using Saws, and at the same time to convey such information as will be of lasting benefit to the Lumberman.

The manufacturers, who spend thousands of dollars annually in improving and perfecting Saws for the purpose of producing lumber in quantity and quality, with economy and profit, are frequently perplexed by the return of Saws for repairs (a large percentage of which are of the best make), in such a condition as plainly to indicate that few persons appreciate where the real secret of success lies, and proves that failure must ensue without the knowledge which we here endeavor to convey.

To such persons, the "Lumberman's Hand-Book" is probably as valuable as the Saw itself, for without it your Saw will soon cut your pocket-strings.

The hints and instructions contained in this little work are the result of the anxious study, experience, and careful labor of years; with these for a guide, you will be better able to compete with your more experienced rival.

Most of these hints and instructions have been issued, from time to time, in circulars, but are now compiled in pamphlet form, so they can be kept on hand for reference.

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