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Wood-turning by William Fairham, 1921


TURNING, one of the most effective and satisfying modes of ornament, has been employed from the earliest times in constructive and decorative woodwork, and this volume has been designed to assist the professional craftsman and the amateur in practical lathe work.

The uses of tools and the methods of manipulation for various classes of work are clearly given, and suggestions are offered as guidance for the setting out and grouping of the recognized classical members so as to secure correctly proportioned and graceful designs.

The numerous illustrations include many examples of turnings in different styles, and in several cases full-sized working details are given.

The volume has been written and (for the most part) illustrated by Mr. William Fairham, and is aimed to assist not only the home worker, but also practical wood turners, cabinet makers, pattern makers, joiners, carpenters, wheelwrights, junior draughtsman, and teachers and students in Technical or Day Continuation Schools.

The art of Wood Turning consists, broadly speaking, of forming timber into such a shape that, if a section be taken at right angles to the axis on which the work is revolved, the section will be a circle. The machine or appliance in which the timber is revolved whilst the cutting action is in progress is called a Lathe.

Fig. 1 is a sketch showing the front view of a standard foot or treadle lathe. Fig. 2 illustrates the back view of the same lathe, a complete numbered list of parts being given on page 3.


Various makes of lathes differ in design and construction, but the general principle is the same.


The length of the bed of the lathe shown in the illustration is 3 ft. 6 ins; and the height of the centers from the bed is 5 ins. The extension piece (No. 14) was in this particular case made after the lathe was bought, so as to enable the worker to turn table legs, etc., up to 2 ft. 8 ins. long. A sketch, Fig. 3, is shown of this off the lathe proper as occasion demands.

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