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Woodwork Joints by William Fairham, 1921


The principal aim of this Volume is to provide a woodworker with full information as to the use and clear practical directions as to the making, of every joint he may at any time be likely to encounter.

Those of us whose occupation or recreation is woodworking are familiar with numerous joints which we make and use in our own way.

It is possible, however, that there are many which we do not make well, not because we lack skill or care, but because we are unfamiliar with some simple rule which governs either the setting out or the method of using the tool; whilst probably there are many others which might suit our purpose better, but which we neglect because their existence has never occurred to us.

And it is just here that the present Volume will help, not alone the beginner who wishes preliminary instruction, but also the expert who desires guidance over ground hitherto unexplored by him.

The Table of Contents - and more particularly the exhaustive Index at the end of Volume - will show that practically every joint in cabinet work and ordinary joinery is dealt with.

In the case of the Bridle Joint, the Halved Joint, the Mortise and Tenon Joint, and the Dovetail Joint, the actual tool operations - setting out, gauging, marking, sawing, chiseling, paring, etc. - are fully explained.

The fact that nearly sixty illustrations are devoted to the subject of Dovetailing is but one indication of the care which has been taken in making the directions clear and complete.


As the methods of working are almost similar in the case of other joints, it has not of course been deemed necessary to repeat these detailed instructions in every chapter. In the preparation of the Volume the Publishers have secured the services of Mr. William Fairham, by whom most of the chapters have been written and illustrated.

Although intended for the practical man, and not professing to be a graded course of "educational woodwork," the Volume is one which Manual Training Instructors will find of the greatest value in conducting woodwork classes.

No book hitherto published contains such a variety of illustrations of joints, almost all of which will form suitable exercises of practical educational importance in a Manual Training course.

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