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Wood-working for Amateur Craftsmen by Ira Samuel Griffith, 1911



This book is one of the series of handbooks on industrial subjects being published by the Popular Mechanics Company. Like the Magazine, these books are "written so you can understand it," and are intended to furnish information on mechanical subjects at a price within the reach of all.

The text and illustrations have been prepared expressly for this Handbook Series, by experts; are up-to-date, and have been revised by the editor of Popular Mechanics.


The first thing a beginner must learn to do when he takes a drawing from which he is to make a piece of woodwork, is to prepare a stock bill of materials that can be given to the lumberman to fill.

Whether the worker gets what he wants or not will depend greatly upon the specifications he gives the dealer, whether they are intelligible or not, and whether they allow one and only one interpretation.


Three practices are common in preparing lumber for use: To sell it to the workman in the rough, just as it comes from the sawmill; to machine-plane the pieces to thicknesses and widths such as the finished pieces demand, so that only the lengths require the attention of the worker aside from the making of the joints; and to mill-plane the stock on two surfaces to stock thicknesses, but allowing the lengths and widths to remain as in rough stock.

The first is cheapest in first cost; the second is the most expensive because of the frequent changes in setting the planing machine to the different sizes. The third is most common, except where there are to be a great number of pieces of a given size, because it utilizes hand work and machine work to the best advantage.

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