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Woodwork for Secondary Schools by Ira Samuel Griffith, 1916




The aim of this book is to provide in text form the essentials of woodwork as usually taught in secondary schools.

Manifestly, in a book of this size no one subject can be treated exhaustively. Nor is such treatment necessary to fulfill the purpose of the book, which is to provide the elements of subject-matter for general experience in various lines of woodwork rather than extended experience in some one line.

It is confidently expected that the content will be found sufficiently complete for the purpose intended.

Much of the subject-matter should limitations of time or equipment prevents its use in connection with specific shop experience, may be assigned for reading and study from the purely "informational" point of view.

Such assignments, if made so that they shall have some connection with the shopwork, will serve to broaden the pupil's "outlook," giving to the specific shop experiences a "setting" calculated to greatly increase the understanding of their meaning.

This text presupposes knowledge of elementary tool processes, such as are to be found in well organized grade school work, as described in "Essentials of Woodworking," by the same author.


However, owing to the lack of any general agreement as to the dividing line between grade school and high school, there will be found included in this text those parts of "Essentials of Woodworking" which observation has shown are frequently not covered in grade schools of good standing.

Such duplication makes possible the meeting of diverse conditions now to be found in the division of subject-matter between grade school and high school.

The use of woodworking machines, with the exception of the lathe, by large classes of freshmen is not recommended. The chapter on Woodworking Machines is included in the text for the use of such classes as can be organized with sufficiently small numbers to allow the instructor to give close and continuous attention to the machines.

Ira S. Griffith.
Columbia, Missouri,
September, 1916.

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