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The Clock Jobber's Handybook by Paul N. Hasluck, 1889



This Handybook for Clock Jobbers is written much upon the same lines as the volume in this series on Watch Jobbing.

These two trades are very closely allied; and the information contained in one will often be found to have direct bearing upon the subject treated on in the other, so that these two handybooks form companion volumes.

The tools requisite for clock cleaning and simple repairing are few and inexpensive; and but a small amount of practice will give the necessary manipulative skill.

Thus clock jobbing offers an occupation easily acquired by those who have aptitude for mechanical subjects, and in the following pages sufficient information is given to afford a guide to successful operations.

Clocks are represented by various types, each possessing distinctive peculiarities. England, France, Germany and America, each contribute to furnish the large number of clocks distributed through the whole world. An account of the development of time measurers, from the days of sun-dials to the present time, will be found in The Watch Jobber's Handybook, which forms a companion volume to, and should be perused by all readers of, this Handybook.

The manufacture of clocks in England at the present time is principally confined to spring dials, high class regulators, skeleton, bracket, chime, electric and turret clocks.

The trade in ordinary house clocks has long since become very small, the cheaper productions of America and Germany, or the more artistic and less cumbersome designs from France, having almost entirely supplied our wants.


At the same time there will be found in English homes, especially in rural districts, a very large number of old English house clocks, testifying to the skill and ability of our forefathers. These clocks are of two kinds: the "thirty hour," which requires winding daily, and the "eight day," which requires winding once a week.

September, 1889.

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