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The Wood Turner's Handybook by Paul N. Hasluck, 1901



This handbook forms the second of a Series of HANDY- BOOKS FOR HANDICRAFTS.

Some of the matter and illustrations may be identified as having been taken from various technical periodicals to which they were originally contributed by me. A few of the items originated from other sources, but have been re-written for publication in this hand-book.

The lathe, which is claimed to be the creator of mechanism, is a machine in which all mechanics should be interested. Knowledge of the art of turning finds useful application in all the mechanical arts. Not only is a large proportion of the community employed in these arts, but individuals interest themselves in their practice, as affording pleasurable and profitable recreation. Turnery occupies many workmen, and has special claims on amateurs. If this handy book tends to promote this fascinating and useful art my object will be attained.

The lathes now commonly employed for general woodturning are most simple and primitive.

Some 3,500 years ago, the potter's wheel, which may be considered to be the primogenitor of modern lathes, was known and used.

In some of the oldest Egyptian monuments the God Ptah is represented working at a potter's throw, or wheel.


The modern throw possesses but slight modifications, and is substantially the same tool as that used for the production of antique pottery ware, some of which still remains unsurpassed for beauty and skillful execution.

The modern form of turning-lathe, in which the work is suspended on horizontal centers, was commonly used by the Greeks and Romans. Though none of the early writers have left anything like a graphic description of the lathe of their time, yet the tool is frequently mentioned by Herodotus, Cicero and Pliny - that is to say, at a date some centuries before the Christian era.


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