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The Model Engineer's Handybook by Paul N. Hasluck, 1902



Model Engineering is a branch of the mechanical arts that has received but a scanty share of literary treatment. The subject seems, however, to be particularly suited for such discussion, it being so closely associated with experimental work.

The reader of this Handbook is assumed to have some practical experience in handling tools, and some knowledge of mechanical manipulation, such as can be gleaned from other volumes in this series; turning, filing, fitting, soldering, etc., having been already treated upon.

This Handbook contains a large number of carefully engraved Illustrations, accurately reduced from working drawings of model engines that have been made under my own supervision.

The value of these accurate illustrations will be appreciated by those who are interested in models of the kind they represent. I may remind readers that their value is not to be estimated by any number of pages of letterpress. A single drawing often shows at a glance what could not be so clearly explained in volumes of type.


The making of model engines is a mechanical exercise which finds great favor amongst amateurs, and indeed all young beginners at engineering.

The work is seldom pursued with any very satisfactory result, as really considerable skill is necessary to construct working models. The tyro who commences his miniature engineering labors finds very little published information which is of use to him.

Model engines, in every stage of manufacture, from the rough castings direct from the foundry to the complete, highly finished working model, may now be purchased in nearly every town of importance throughout Great Britain.

Though this trade is of but recent growth, its continual extension proves that model engines are objects of interest to a large number of the rising generation, and it is felt that information as to their manufacture will prove acceptable to very many readers.

December, 1888

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