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Cassellís Cyclopedia of Mechanics by Paul N. Hasluck, 1904



Vol. 1

Vol. 2

Vol. 3


Cassellís Cyclopedia of Mechanics contains in a form convenient for ready reference and everyday use receipts, processes, and memoranda selected from a rich store of choice information contributed by a staff of skilful and talented technicians, upon whose practical experience and expert knowledge the information is based.

The matter contained in these volumes has been carefully digested, freely illustrated, and made plain to those inexperienced.

All compilations of receipts and memoranda for the use of mechanics that have been publishedóand some have attained great popularity - differ from the present series m the important fact that almost every item in these volumes is the paid contribution of an expert, written specially to satisfy the want of an inquirer, and each has challenged emendation from a wide circle of practical men Corrective and supplementary matter supplied by these critical readers has been incorporated to ensure the greater efficiency of this work.

A superficial glance through the pages of these volumes might tend to a false impression that the varied contents are not readily available for easy and systematic reference.

However, this is not so. Experience has shown that it is not possible to classify paragraphs that often include matters essentially different so that there shall be a definite place for every item, and the impossibility of such a course is particularly emphasized in the present collection, which embraces subjects widely diversified.


 Even a little consideration of this Cyclopedia would show that no possible arrangement of the paragraphs would place them so that the several facts contained in each could be found with ease and certainty. The copious indexes provide a means by which every separate particular and detail of any kind dealt with in these volumes may be traced and referred to with the least amount of trouble.

These indexes also bring -together all references to the same subject, however widely they may be scattered, and all varied notes included under one heading are properly analyzed and, thus disclosed, regrouped with kindred topics. No pains have been spared in the compilation of this index, which efficiently serves a purpose impossible to be met by any arrangement of paragraphs comprising the volume.

Amongst the items embodied in this work probably every reader can find some that contain information already known to him. Possibly some readers may be able to supplement the particulars given in respect of matters with which they are familiar.

P. N. Hasluck

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