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Mounting and Framing Pictures by Paul N. Hasluck, 1906



This Handbook contains, in a form convenient for everyday use, a comprehensive digest of the information on Mounting and Framing Pictures, scattered over ten thousand columns of Work - the weekly journal it is my fortune to edit - and supplies concise information on the general principles of the subjects on which it treats.

In preparing for publication in book form the mass of relevant matter contained in the volumes of Work, much that was tautological in character had to be rejected.

The remainder necessarily had to be arranged anew, altered, and largely re-written. From these causes the contributions of many are so blended that the writings of individuals cannot be distinguished for acknowledgment.

Readers who may desire additional information respecting special details of the matters dealt with in this Handbook, or instruction on kindred subjects, should address a question to Work, so that it may be answered in the columns of that journal.


Briefly the ideal frame may be held to be one which best suits the picture; but, keeping this end in view, it may be as beautiful in itself as skill or thought can make it, provided that it never forces itself into the first place, for it must be remembered that pictures are of infinitely more importance than their frames.

The binding of a book is of small consequence compared with its contents, yet a tasteful and decorative cover is always desirable.

Perfection demands care for the trifles as much as for the important features; and a regard for beautiful frames by no means implies a neglect of appreciation of their contents.

Those persons, who recognize the more subtle beauties of form and color, insist on the frame fulfilling its true purpose.


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