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Practical Draughtsman's Work by Paul N. Hasluck, 1906



Practical Draughtsman’s Work contains, in a form convenient for everyday use, a comprehensive digest of information, contributed by experienced draughtsman, scattered over the columns of Work and Building World, two weekly journals it is my fortune to edit, and supplies concise information on the general principles and practice of the art on which it treats.

In preparing for publication in book form the mass of relevant matter contained in the volumes, much of it necessarily had to be re-arranged and re-written.

The contents of this book consist substantially of several series of illustrated articles by Prof. Henry Adams, originally contributed to Work and Building World.

The writings of many other contributors are so blended that it is difficult to distinguish any for acknowledgment. Readers who may desire additional information respecting special details of the matters dealt with in this book, or instruction on any building trade subjects, should address a question to Work or Building World, So that it may be answered in the columns of one of those journals.


This book deals with the principles upon which mechanical and architectural drawings are made, and it is proposed, in the following chapters, to give a course of practical instruction in technical drawing as applied to the constructive arts.

This branch of drawing does not aim at producing pictures so much as at showing conventional representations which shall enable other persons to construct precisely and exactly what the designer intends, in shape, size, and arrangement.

The primary essentials are accuracy and neatness. An inaccurate drawing invites bad workmanship, and one not neatly made at the least leaves a doubt as to what is required.

Though it may occur in business that many things have to be hurried over for want of time, in learning a subject the student should not be satisfied unless each portion of his work is an improvement upon the last, and is the very best he is able to do; speed can always be superadded to accuracy if the latter is mastered first, but the order can never be reversed

P. N. Hasluck

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