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Violins and other Stringed Instruments by Paul N. Hasluck, 1907



This Handbook contains, in form convenient for everyday use, a comprehensive digest of the knowledge of making Violins and other Stringed Instruments, scattered over more than forty thousand columns of WORK one of the weekly journals it is my fortune to edit and supplies concise information on the details of the subjects of which it treats.

In preparing for publication in book form the mass of relevant matter contained in the volumes of WORK, much had to be arranged anew, altered, and largely rewritten.

From these causes it is difficult to distinguish the writings of individuals for acknowledgment, but it may be said that contributions from the pens of Mr. David McSkimming and Mr. Robert Ford are incorporated in this work.

The early chapters of a handbook on the making of stringed musical instruments must almost of necessity be devoted to the violin, which takes preeminence, of course, of all other instruments of its class.


While it is not purpose to trace the history of the violin, it must yet be said that the instruments which came from the workshops of the Cremonese masters, some 300 years ago, have not been surpassed or equaled, by any which have since been made.

Although the science of acoustics has kept pace with other branches of knowledge, the efforts of the great masters have not been improved upon, and the best results in violin making have been obtained by following as closely as possible the lines laid down by the Cremonese makers.

Though opinions differ as to the relative merits of the various outlines and models, it will be taken for granted here that the outline, measurements, and / holes of the "Stradivarius" are the best.

Accordingly the necessary diagrams and patterns used in making an instrument of this class will be given, together with all needful instructions on the methods of using tools and materials.

Readers who may desire additional information respecting special details of the matters dealt with in this Handbook, or instructions on kindred subjects, should address a question to The Editor, WORK, La Belle Sauvage, London, E.G., so that it may be answered in the columns of that journal.

Paul N. Hasluck

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