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Rustic Carpentry by Paul N. Hasluck, 1908



This Handbook contains, in a form convenient for everyday use, a number of articles on Rustic Carpentry contributed by various authors to work - one of the journals it is my fortune to edit.

Readers who may desire additional information respecting special details of the matters dealt with in this Handbook, or instructions on kindred subjects, should address a question to the Editor of Work, La Belle Sauvage, London, E C., so that it may be answered in the columns of that journal.

Rustic carpentry does not demand great skill in woodworking, but it does require a large amount of artistic perception.

The tools needed are but few, and the materials employed are comparatively cheap, although in many districts they are becoming dearer every year.

It may be said that any articles made from the now popular bamboo may be made quite as effectively in light rustic work.


For light rustic work, sticks of hazel, cherry, yew, blackthorn, birch, larch, fir, and the prunings of many varieties of shrubs may be used; but it is necessary that the material should be cut at the proper season, and thoroughly dried before being worked up.

The sticks should be cut in mid-winter, as at that time the sap is at rest; if cut in the summer time the bark will peel off. If peeled sticks are required, they should be cut in the spring, when the sap is rising, as at that time the rind will come off easily.

In some districts the copses are cleared of undergrowth periodically, and the sticks (generally hazel) sold to hurdle and spar makers. A selection of these sticks would be very suitable for the purpose here described.

Paul N. Hasluck
La Belle Sauvage
London, E. C.
April, 1907

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