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Woodworking: A Book of Tools, Materials, and Processes for a Handyman by Paul N. Hasluck, 1916


“Cassell’s Woodworking” is a practical work on practical handicraft in wood, and it is published in the confident belief that it is by far the most exhaustive book on the subject hitherto produced.

The book is intended for all those who would handle tools, and who, by the use of them, wish to furnish the home and to profit their pockets.

The treatment adopted throughout is simple and practical, and there has been a consistent endeavour to combine accurate information with clear and definite instruction, anything that did not further this object having been excluded.

The amateur's restricted requirements have been carefully studied; still the contents make a direct appeal to the professional craftsman in carpentry, joinery, and cabinet work, to whom this book will be invaluable for ready reference, containing as it does a large and varied collection of workmanlike designs for a multitude of articles of use in the homestead, garden, workshop, office, and house.


This book will be found especially useful to colonists and persons in out of-the-way places, as it teems with practical hints and details that must be of the utmost worth to those whose very existence often depends on their ability to use woodworking tools.

The seven chapters on tools are in themselves a comprehensive treatise in which the shape, construction, manipulation, care and maintenance of all hand tools used in woodworking are discussed, described and clearly illustrated.

The processes explained include all the more general operations of setting out work, cutting, planing, sawing, boring, jointing, etc., as well as some that are more special in character, such as turning and veneering, and in every case the process is explained step by step, plain instruction being rendered the more explicit by the lavish use of illustrations.

Mere amateurism and faddishness have been avoided, and the tools and processes described are those found in daily use in the workshop; however, the expert and well-informed reader will make due allowance for the great variations of trade practice in different localities.

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