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Modern House Building by F. T. Hodgson, 1905



The growth of a wish of late, among the mercantile, professional and working classes, for a better architectural effect in houses designed solely for themselves, and the increased requirements of our progressive citizenship, are facts with which the architect of the present day has to reckon, if his practice runs on these lines, which should be by no means an uninteresting branch of his profession.

In the following pages an effort has been made—and one which we think has been completely successful—to produce just such houses as will meet these wider and commendable aspirations of the great bulk of the American people to own and live in houses that are comfortable, healthy and of the very best design commensurable with their cost.

The works of the best architects in this line have been secured, and care has been taken that each plan, elevation and detail, and general character of finish, internal and external, will harmonize and be in keeping with the whole when completed.

To design a house complete throughout within close economic limits, is one of the most difficult propositions an architect can undertake.


Yet, we find very handsome and comfortable houses designed and built, for a sum so small that it becomes a matter of amazement when the cost and building are compared with the cost of buildings no better or larger.

This result is not a matter of haphazard, it is the finishing stroke of genius and painstaking; and we have hunted over the whole of this great country, from Galveston to Alaska, and Maine to the Pacific coast, for artists gifted with this rare power, and we confess to having found but a few, and we have not been slow in securing the services of most of those found.

And this fact gives us unbounded confidence in the quality of the work we present herewith to our readers, as we feel certain that no work ever before published in this or in any other country can show such comfortable, cozy, and artistic houses as can this book and our Hodgson's "Low Cost American Homes."


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