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  Tools for Machinists and Woodworkers by Joseph G. Horner, 1906    


The object of this book is to give an account of such Tools as are commonly used by Engineers and Woodworkers, written chiefly from the standpoint of the men who have to use them, and who desire to understand the principles which underlie the forms in which those Tools are found.

Practical instructions for their employment, as suggested by the writer's own experience, have been added. The work (it is believed) is more comprehensive in its scope than any which has preceded it, the subject of Instruments of Measurement being treated in a very full manner and freely illustrated (as are all sections of the work) with drawings of leading types.

Although, in strictness, Tools and Measuring Instruments form distinct groups, they cannot be separately regarded in shop practice, since modern methods of measurement are directly related to certain systems of manufacture, both general and special in character.

The subjects treated here have never previously assumed such great importance as in recent years. Tool-making has been developed into highly specialised branches of manufacture, different firms taking up different classes or groups of Tools and Instruments, with the perfection of results and fine precision that come of specialization. Some of these results will be found here illustrated in book-form for the first time.


The great and growing importance of Cutting Tools in modern practice is evidenced by the numerous experiments to which they have been subjected. But the experience of the shops still remains of highest value, and only in very general terms can these experiments be applied as yet to practical issues.

As they relate to Lathe Tools chiefly, some account of them will be found in another work (now in the press) by the same Author, dealing with "Engineers' Turning."

It should be mentioned that a large part of the matter included in this volume consists of selections from various articles contributed by the Author to the English Mechanic and the Mechanical World, which have been carefully revised and supplemented where necessary, but several chapters are chiefly or entirely new, and a substantial proportion of the illustrations given have been specially drawn and engraved for the work.

Joseph Horner
Bath, November 1904.

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