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  Hints and Practical Information Cabinet-Makers, Upholsterers, and Furniture Men Generally by John Phin, 1899    


While a large amount of the matter contained in this work has been published before in some shape or other, it was found in many instances incorrect, and therefore unreliable; this was in a great measure owing to the carelessness and want of acknowledge on the part of the compilers, for there can be no doubt that the original recipes, methods, etc., were in the main correct; but in the frequent reproductions, errors, omissions, and interpolations occurred.

It has been the aim of the publishers of the present work to make all necessary corrections, and to render the work as reliable as may be; and to this end neither expense nor pains have been spared, and much new matter that has not been generally known before has been added to that which has been public property for a long time.

That the work will be found a valuable aid to the operative cabinet-maker, furniture man, and to wood-workers generally, there is not the least doubt, and its price has been kept down to such a point as will not be beyond the means of the average workingman.


The general term cabinet-making is the art of making all such parts of the furniture of a dwelling-house as are made of wood, together with the art of chair-making, etc., and in order to arrive at any degree of perfection, the knowledge of designing, carving, modeling, etc., is requisite.

It has also been supposed that a knowledge of geometry, and particularly of that portion of it which treats of the description of curved lines, is of great use to the cabinet-maker.

 With the exception of a knowledge of perspective, and of a few simple methods of drawing common curves, geometry may be dispensed with, though it would be better to possess it.

The best advice we can give the cabinet-maker, in acquiring a graceful, easy, and free method of drawing, is, to draw as much from nature, or from good casts, as possible. It is not of material consequence whether vegetable or animal forms be drawn, but a mixture of both is desirable, as they have very distinct characters, which will be easily traced in attempting to delineate them.

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