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  Prectical Carpentry - Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 by William A. Radford, 1907  

Vol. 1

Vol. 2

In getting out the present work it has been my constant aim to take up the subject of building construction in a systematic and concise way. With this object in view, I have first treated the subject of geometry in so far as it proved a help in carpentry. Every example given involves some fundamental principle of carpentry and if thoroughly mastered will prove of inestimable value later on in the work.

One chapter is devoted to the use of the steel square in carpentry in which a number of suggestions are given, especially along the line of roof framing which will help to simplify what was formerly a troublesome part of carpenter work.

In treating the subject of house framing, both good and faulty methods of construction are given so as to more clearly bring out the errors most common in the trade. Various ways of constructing cornice, sills and porches are illustrated. Framing studding and joist bearer and cutting window openings are also described in a comprehensive manner.

In the chapter of roof construction it has been thought best to start with the simplest shed roof and work into the more complicated roofs, covering in the chapter all the principles involved in their construction.

The department of questions and answers is one of the most useful, interesting and instructive parts of this work.

They are questions which have arisen in the daily work of practical carpenters all over the country and in answering them my aim has been to make them as clear and concise as possible so as to be understood by everyone.


Original illustrative diagrams, over two hundred in number, are contained in the work, including many full-page illustrations which give clearer and better ideas than could be given in any other way.


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