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Grinding and Lapping by Joseph V. Woodworth, 1907



In the pages following are shown engravings and half-tones of tools, machines, grinding fixtures, laps and lapping devices and arrangements, and combination fixtures for presenting duplicate work to grinding operations from the simplest to the most intricate in modern use; and we have endeavored to not only describe how to use them, but to describe and illustrate how to design and construct them as well, in a clear practical manner, so that all grades of metal-working mechanics may be able to understand thoroughly how to design, construct and use them for the economic production of the marvelous variety of machine parts and tools required to-day.

Many of the tools and devices described and illustrated in this volume we designed and used ourselves; others were designed under our personal supervision; while others have been selected from published articles written for the technical press under our own name and various pen names.

For many other descriptions and illustrations we are indebted to the kind courtesy of the editors of American Machinist, and Machinery, respectively, and here extend our thanks and sense of deep obligation to these journals for the privilege of using extracts and illustrations of their articles.

For a large number of practical "kinks" and "points" we acknowledge our indebtedness to the numerous concerns, and to the fellow workers with whom we have associated. 


The sections on " Hardening and Tempering of Tool Steel Parts of Delicate Structure, which Require to be Ground and Lapped Afterwards," and "Carbon Percentages in Hardened and Ground Steel Tools and Parts," are so near akin to the general subject of this work, that they have been given a place so that the mechanic interested in grinding and lapping may become thoroughly familiar with this practice.

We have endeavored to keep all obsolete matter out of this treatise, and to make every process, method, tool and device described represent the very highest that has been attained in the development and application of each type shown.

Joseph V. Woodworth
July, 1907.

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