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The History of Industrial Development and Toolmaking in US

  The Great Industries of the United States - 1873    


In the following work, the design of the publishers has been, not only to memorialize the great enterprises of manufacture of the day in the United States, but to make clear to the general reader the processes and mysteries of the various manufactures noted, as well.

No pains have been spared, in the matter of general study and special investigation, to make each article as nearly perfect as necessary to convey an adequate impression of the magnitude of the manufactures treated upon, their mechanical subtiltics, and everything connected therewith, of which the "inquiring mind" may properly desire to be informed.

They only who have contemplated the state of manufactures as they exist in the United States, understand at all adequately how great a part these play in the history of modern civilization, or how much is to be learned, by each participant in a special art, of the value and importance to humanity at large, of every other art.

There is a more or less anxious desire, upon the part of every skilled man in particular, in any branch of industry, to know something of the character and pursuits of his fellow-men in every other art of importance; and it is the design of the writers hereof to offer to such, an insight into the various arts which distinguish the present period of scientific industry in the United States of America.

That the people of this country do, by positive and original inventions, in the promotion of art, and of the useful arts especially, as well as by their absorption of the genius of other nations, all the peoples of the civilized world, there can be but little doubt.

However superficial may be the expression of a given art in the United States (for which, as a people, we have sometimes been reproached by more or less intelligent and candid visitors from other lands), it must be acknowledged by the just everywhere, that, in the aggregate, the United States have made giant steps, even in the last few years, in the prosecution of every class of ingenious industry.

In fact, within the boundaries of the nation is to be found something in the way of current enterprise and industry, illustrative of the genius of all peoples (and of all times which fitly bear upon the present age, as the aggregate necessary response of the past to the wants of the present), of which both the scholar and the active mechanic, as well as the laboring man of every degree, ought and wishes, to know more than ordinarily falls to the lot of any one man's knowledge without arduous and pains-taking study.

To administer to such desires this work has been projected, and it is confidently believed that its design has been so faithfully carried out, as to leave but little, if- anything, more to be desired for the end in view, than will be found in its pages.

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