The History of Industrial Development and Toolmaking in US

  City of Philadelphia-Leading Merchants and Manufacturers by Historical Publishing Co., 1886    

Historical Overview

We present to our readers and the business community herewith a brief Historical Overview of the prominent business houses and manufacturing firms of the City of Philadelphia. 

It will be interesting as an exhibit of the growth of the city for the past thirty years, and perusal of its pages will demonstrate the fact that the city of Philadelphia has not only kept pace with her sister cities in the marvelous advance in manufacturing interests, commercial industries, sciences and the arts, but has actually outstripped most of her rivals in the march of progress.


No State in the Union has greater facilities for manufacturing than Pennsylvania, in its abundance of water power, coal and iron. According
to the census of 1870, there were 37,200 manufacturing establishments (the largest number of any State in the Union), against 22,863 in 1860, using 6230 steam engines, of 221,936 horse power, and 7603 water wheels, of 141,982 horse power.

There were employed 319,487, hands, of whom 256,543 were males above 16 years of age, 43,712 above 15 years of age, and 19,232 youths.

The capital invested in manufacturing was $406,821,845, the wages paid amounted to $127,976,594; the materials consumed had a value of $421,198,673; and the goods and commodities produced a value of $711,894,344 (being second only to that of the State of New York), and since which time a marked and manifest increase in all branches of manufacturing industries has taken place, to such, an extent as to render it a mere matter of conjecture as to whether Pennsylvania, in the next census returns, may not head the list.

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