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  Saw Filing and Management of Saws by Robert Grimshaw    


This book is designed as a practical aid to those who use saws for any purpose. While, as its title implies, it treats principally of saw-filing, it also goes into the questions of gumming, spring-setting, and swaging. The author has tried to bring it up to present successful usage, and will be glad to receive from practical sawyers and others for future editions, questions, suggestions, and information bearing on the subject.

In order to bring this work strictly up-to-date and include the latest ideas and developments of modern methods, this volume has been revised, re-edited and considerable new material added.

During many years' experience in using saws of nearly every kind, size and make, and frequently in out-of-the-way localities, many useful and handy ideas have been developed by the Editor, and in order that these original "wrinkles" may prove of use or benefit to others, they have been embodied in the new material added to this volume.

November, 1912.


There is no more sense in using a dull saw than in shaving with a dull razor.  It is a great deal easier to keep a saw sharp by frequent light file-touches, than to let it get so dull as to need a long-continued filing down, after it gets so dulled as to refuse to work. The saving in power, by using a sharp saw, is very great. It has never yet been measured in power-saws, and is hardly measurable in hand-saws; but it is without doubt considerable.

By using sharp saws, thinner blades may be used than where the teeth are dull; because the duller the saw the more power required to drive it through the wood, and the more strain on each tooth separately, and on the blade as a whole.

For the same reason, longer teeth may be used where they are sharp, than where they are dull. The advantage of using sharp teeth is greatest in those saws in which the strain of cutting tends to deform the blade as in all "pushcut" straight saws and in circulars.

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