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  History of the Trade-Mark "Yale" by The Yale & Towne Mfg. Co., 1914    

So many cases develop, from time to time, involving encroachment upon our legal rights in trade-marks, catalog numbers, distinctive designs, and other indicia of the origin of our numerous products, as to make expedient the issue of this record of cases in which our rights have been sustained and confirmed, either by adjudication, by default, or by confession.

The purpose in view is one both of enlightenment and of warning; of enlightenment for those who may be ignorant of the law governing the rights in question, and of warning to those who hereafter, wittingly or unwittingly, may encroach upon our legal rights, that we shall in every case vigorously seek to protect them.

To those who sincerely desire to obey the Golden Rule, and to understand what this implies in trademark matters, this record will prove enlightening and helpful.

The Yale & Towne Manufacturing Co.

From the Century Dictionary

Trade-mark : A distinguishing mark or device adopted by a manufacturer, and impressed on his goods, labels, etc., to indicate the origin or manufacturer.

The foundation of the protection afforded by the law to the owners of trade-marks is in the injustice done to one whose trade has acquired favor with the public if competitors are allowed, by colorable imitation of methods first adopted and continuously used by him for making his products recognizable, to induce intending purchasers to take their goods instead of his.

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