The History of Industrial Development and Toolmaking in US


History of Manufactures In The United States 1607-1860
by Victor S. Clark, 1916



The materials for the following volume were gathered, and the chapters relating to the colonial period were written, during intervals between various investigations for the United States Government from 1906 to the spring of 1909. Thereafter the work was to all intents completely interrupted for more than four years during my absence from the country, but it was resumed in the autumn of 1913 and since then has received my main attention.

As originally planned, the present volume was to be accompanied by separate histories of our more important industries, written by economists familiar with their special topics; but this, though recognized as desirable, has been found impracticable at present.  However, four monographs upon the manufactures of particular regions have been prepared and are referred to in the bibliography; also much material has been collected for a volume dealing with the history of manufactures from 1860 to 1910.

An acknowledgment of all the courtesies received from those who have aided me with materials and other assistance would be very extended.  I am under special obligations to Dr. S. N. D. North for the use of his valuable notes and books upon the woolen industry.

Dr. North was originally in charge of this history, but was compelled by his duties as Director of the Census to relinquish it before beginning its actual preparation. 

All of the plates, except those relating to woolen mills, are from maps prepared by Professor R. H. Whitbeck for the Department of Historical Research of the Carnegie Institution, which has permitted their advance use in the present volume.

Victor S. Clark
May, 1916


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