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  Flea technique backfired today...


Went early this morning up to one of our favorite towns for anteeking & flea browsing.  Thought I might get lucky, as it was a big flea market weekend and some of our brethren are up in New England. 

Several good tool table spreads, but most things were too good / too spend for me although I was more than happy to paw through them as there were a number of items I had never seen before. 

In particular, there were more corner braces in one place than I had ever seen before; I counted six for the day, including one with a lot of ferrous oxide and a bunged up chuck, but a nice wood handle held together with pewter rings.  A few more circular planes and unusual scrapers than I typically see too, and a bunch of NIB/NOS stuff. 

Since we rarely get to this place early, we usually browse for a while and when people are beginning to pack up, I'll show up again and see if I can get a better price and save the seller the bother of packing my target items.  Would have worked today if the heavens hadn't opened up and everybody cleared out faster than I could get back across some 500 feet of tables, aisles & people hustling to get out of the rain. 

Had my eye on two near complete boxed sets of Russell Jennings bits and a real nice Sargent smooth plane (Bailey #3 size), but 'he' was packed up and gone before I could get back there.  Strategy had already worked very well on a guy with a bushel basket of mostly used-up saws, as I did manage to snag a #4 Disston in fair shape for $3.  Wind and cold were misery for him as he hadn't come dressed for the weather, and he was ready to leave and didn't want to take home as much as he brought. 

That 14 inch #4 came home, where I cleaned it, retoothed it, set it, and filed it sharp in about 90 minutes, and now I have another user backsaw.  Disstonian Institute site helped in pegging it to 1905-1917.  Could have been a better day if the weather had cooperated a leeeetle bit more.

Wife struck out on her anteeking, but sprung for another new leather purse at her favorite leather worker's booth, so she took the prize for spending $$ for the day.

Charlie Driggs
Newark, DE

April, 2004

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