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  A Pleasant and Unexpectedly Galootish day ...


Fellow Galoots,

My contributions have been a bit sparse of late, as I've been burning the candle at both ends getting hardwood floors installed in the rest of the first floor of the house, redecorating two rooms with combinations of paint, wainscoting & cap molding, and crown molding, and working 10-12 hr days in the mines.

But this weekend broke the pattern of the past month, taking me to the Western NY area for an overnight visit and duty as auto transport driver to bring MIL south for the winter season.  Aside from seeing thousands of ruptured / branch denuded trees from the freak snow storm in that area last month, the highlights of the day were a) visiting a very gracious Katsanis family for a little while, and seeing what Esther saw last week, b) finding some nice artifacts that might give joy to our Galoot souls in of all places, an anteek maul, and c) seeing the first snow for this winter, even if it just was heavy flurries.

Gary's daughter gave me the junior grand tour of the Katsanis family's labor of love project, and Esther is right - the moldings are impressive.  Gary's rolling scaffold suggests that he and love of his life have been attempting to experience the agony of painting the Sistine Chapel.  The amount of work done, and yet to be done, is equally impressive, and Gary et al's dedication and the appreciation of his children, is commendable.  It was a short visit, but the next one should be longer.

As for the anteek maul finds ..

  • three graduated size (but the larger sizes) cabinetmaker's turnscrews by W.H. Clay of Sheffield, in nice condition for less as a group than I usually see asked for just one, plus

  • a pristine Stanley (Yankee) 130A that needed a little lubrication, and

  • a Sargent 409 VBM that should clean up very nicely, as it has no obvious dings, cracks, chips, or other unusual abuse, just a sticky surfaced tote, a light scratch in the sole, and some dark steel.

All for about what you'd expect to pay for dinner for you and LOYL, had she been along.  Not hugely gloatable, but unexpected from a rest stop during a 10 hour trip.

A nice benefit of having been chauffer this year.

Charlie Driggs
Newark, DE

December, 2006

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