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Cautionary eBay Tale by Spike Cornelius


So there I was, rooting about on the Bay, when I thought I'd see if there were any cheap cabinet scrapers to be had.  I'd been doing some scraping with a card scraper and my fingers and wrist were getting a little pooped (tired, J.).

I was thinking something along the lines of a Stanley 80 or cheap knockoff that I could soup up.  Low and behold, what should I spy butt a scraper with holes in the handles, sort of configured like the afore mentioned #80.

It wasn't getting any attention, so I posted the minimum bid, like 6.50.  Well, I won (?) the auction and waited for my prize to arrive.  This guy was a slowww shipper, but the tool arrived after a couple of weeks.

The tool turned out to be a cast iron spokeshave!  No markings of any sort anywhere on it, either.  I spotted one in the spokeshave department just like it with Dunlop on the lever cap screw.  So I sharpened it up and it doesn't work half bad, especially considering the price.

Only now I STILL need a cabinet scraper!

Spike Cornelius
February, 2006

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