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Today's Estate Sale in Santa Ana by James D. Thompson


This one sucked pretty bad....

It was advertised saying, " tons of old hand tools."

Well, I guess there were, but most of it was dreck, old tire irons, a million rusty Taiwanese screwdrivers and hammers, 3 wrecked hand saws.

I found 2 intact Stanley block planes that I didn't need, 3 Forstner bits, and a 16" long perfect handle screwdriver. I didn't have one that big. There were some rusty taper shank auger bits, but they looked too tired for me.

That's it...

Spent $10, and if I hadn't traveled all the way from Riverside in nasty traffic, I wouldn't have bought anything. You just can't go home empty handed. At least my buddy who was driving had a transponder for the toll lanes, so that helped speed the trip.

We stopped at what used to be Rockler in Orange, but they have moved from that location. Took us 15 minutes to get back on the freeway.

I gave Paddy a heads up on this one, but he said he couldn't make it.

You done good not coming, Paddy! It wasn't worth the effort.

Jim Thompson
the old Millrat in Riverside, CA.
March, 2006

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