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   Old Dog - New Tricks by Scott


I remember when I first stumbled up onto the porch wobbling on my shaky knees and blinking at the sights. There can't be a dozen of us left from that time, maybe a few more who read but we don't get to hear from much.

I remember about 3/4 of the conversation then was over the fine points of this collectible or that one. Plenty of heated reparte' over anyone who ever dared to touch an old tool and what they ought to do to same if they did. Lots of guys expecting a Galoot to live with a defective tool forever if they had one, because original condition was the only thing that would ever count. Meanwhile the same voices all wanted to talk about the mint model they owned, and had paid top dollar for, but you better not ever try to improve yours.

But at the same time, Pete Taran had just begun making/selling the It.  An excitement undercurrent had already begun to grow. An undertow so strong I could feel it right off. It wasn't long before Paddy was issuing the second run of embroidered hats. I've still got a stealth cap, unworn in all this time. Noplace to wear it to where anyone would know what it was. In time, the MOA went to making , which was it guys?

The detachable block plane handle or the lovely bevel gauge?? Anyway Patrick got involved. The first time I ever worked up my nerve to post. Must have been on the second day, I never was one to hold back. What do you suppose I did? I sent an attached file! There wasn't anything set up to automatically catch an attachment and I didn't know any better.

Naturally, it was a homemade tool. It was pretty innocent, but it was a homebrewed tool.  I didn't hear much otherwise, but I'd imagine it raised some eyebrows in certain circles.  Here it is....

Well, a lot of water has passed under the bridge now. In this time the making and repair, rebuild of tools has occupied the majority of my old tool hobby time. There have been a lot of projects. I like to plow new ground mostly. You all know what a poor attention span I have, there aren't many repeats.

It was always just pix posted here and there and many of the stories posted here on the porch. Thanks to Jim I got to show some on GIC and always will. But noplace to keep them alltogether with the tales. I had been more interested in tools than computers you see and webpage building had been out of my comfort zone, to say the least.

Now, finally, thanks to the kindness of Wiktor Kuc and the ever patient Kitty at my side, I've finally made a start at getting some pages up and revamping old ones. There are still old pages up and lord knows many of the pictures need desperately to be reshot (all the oldest ones were shot with my first digital camera which looked and performed like it should have come free in a Cracker Jack box).

So, stop by and have a look, won't you? Long way to go yet, but man my head hurts!!!

Scott Grandstaff and My Tools

yours, Scott
March, 2006

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