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  Exquisite goods... by Scott


"I've noticed one thing at Spicer's Auctions.  The average age of the crowd is probably 55+ years."

It might be slowing down now, but watch out for the next generation! It's been my experience that the mental illness generally known as collecting, in whatever area, skips generations much more often that not.

My grandparents collected, my parents wouldn't be caught dead in an antique shop.

Look what happened to me???

My sons would rather face a firing squad of drunken bohemians with 22 caliber pistols, big clips of shells and dubious aim, .........or 7 pulpit pounding preachers in a small windowless room with no exit door, ............. than a smiling antique auctioneer grubbing up their lives with musty old stuff.

My grandchildren expect to paw through every single drawer, box, cupboard and shelf with great attention to detail, every visit. I've seen this time and again.

Some of the hardware dealers of the last century specified and carried exquisite goods. These are currently the best deal for a poor boy like me (KK, HSB, some of the Lakeside, (stiletto) and I never let one get away when I can snag em.


yours, Scott

February, 2006

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