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  Slip slidin' away... by Roy Griggs


Got up this morning and rushed off to the flea, a journey of 15 miles on roads with a fresh 1/4" of ice covered by 2" of snow and at 15 deg and a 30 mph wind it was COLD. And why you ask would I do such a stupid thing...beyond the obvious reasons, (ie. stupid). Because yeasterday one of my flea market dealers called me to let me know he had acquired a tool collection we had discussed a month ago.

I arrived before the flea opened and before he arrived, but because dealers were going in and out and they always check-out each other's wares, I snuck in and acted like I belonged there. Even though the dealers move around inside the flea, his booth was easy to find, it was the one with five tables covered in wooden planes....I nearly s*** myself. I haven't seen 20 decent wooden planes in the last 2 years. He had at least fifty transitional and wooden jointers, smoothers and block planes. But the real prize was moulding planes...over 200 of them.

By the time Dale arrived 30 minutes later I had already culled the moulders down to about 50 because of various reasons of condition, completeness and usefulness to me.

Now SWMBO has been very generous as of late, what with acquiring stuff on the bay, and buying at the local flees, and two new saws from Mike Wenzloff, but if I drag 50 moulding planes home that probably won't last.

Nor will I...

Dale offered to let me lay them away and I was sorely tempted, but don't like to do business that way, so declined his offer. I kept culling till I arrived at 5 planes. But wait, he had other things also, marking gages, squares, braces, turning gouges some of them hand forged, a few gouges, and on and on. I spent over two hours fondling and pondering what I needed to take immediatly and what to gamble on being able to come back for later...

flea haul 2 18 06

The list is:

  1. Stanley 8" 2101a brace
  2. Buck Bro.s 7/16" gouge
  3. Dunlap Marking gage- round shank and marking wheel
  4. 6" Rosewood and Brass Square (unknown)
  5. Stanley No. 50 in poor shape but mostly complete (not quite)
  6. Unknown combination plane very similar to an early #45
  7. Keen Kutter skew back 22" panel saw 10 tpi x-cut (sharp)
  8. Sandusky tool co. #51 - 1/4" beader
  9. Sandusky tool co. #92 - 7/8" hollow
  10. Ohio tool co. 1/2" skew rabbet
  11. Ohio tool co. #37 - 3/4" round or maybe a table edge 12)Barry & Way #10 - 3/4" round The damage was $108...he kinda decided on $10 dollars per piece, but I reminded him some of the pieces were well below that value, and we dickered till we hit a price we could both live with. I always try to leave the dealers I deal with feeling satisfied with what they get, and as this shows it pays in the long run!

I hope you all have as good a day as I'm having....

Roy Griggs

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