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  Tool Hunting by John Krau


Hi Galoots, I just got back from a 3,500 mile trip to the east coast, saw dozens of antique malls and not much extra time at all on this trip. Forced myself to stop a couple of times though.

Found some Disston saws in the 15-25 dollar range which didn't really excite me. Finally we made a brief stop at Beckley, West Virginia, nice little antique mall there.

Several stalls were plumb full of tools, a mighty nice sight for the eyes after a couple of thousand miles of highway hypnotism. Prices overall weren't too contrary from what I had seen around Omaha.

I managed to get a model 370 Proto eggbeater drill, and a blacksmith made drawknife. Never laid eyes on an eggbeater that folds in the middle like that. The handle rattled on the drill and was hoping maybe to find a set of drills therein.

When I got back out in the sun, put a little extra oomph on the cap and discovered some non blacksmith made finish nails hiding inside there. I did the search on the board and have to agree that this Proto drill is a great addition to my hoard. Then today I wasn't really going to buy anything at the antique mall here local, unless it was real special. Not much space left in the shop, you know.

Spied a Yankee eggbeater, model 1530A, got a little problem, but priced under $5.00. The handle came right off, no bits or money hiding there. Now I had to ask myself, that model is nonexistent on my walls, and the price had to make it real special, right?

So it came home along with a hacksaw from Millers Falls 48C. Good hard rubber grips and 90% chrome remaining, definitely a user. Will join my other MF saw with cast grips.

Total on these two was the cost of 2 gallons of gas. Have to get out more, there has to be some bargains somewhere.

John in Nebraska
July 2006.

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